Upcoming Performances

July 22, 7:30 pm Eastern
Petr Eben Windows with James Stokes, St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Boone, N.C.

August 26, 4:00 pm Eastern
Guest recitalist, Church of the Savior, Newland, N.C.

September 23, 4:00 pm Eastern
Guest recitalist, Schantz organ 40th anniversary, Culpeper Baptist Church, Culpeper, Va.

September 28, 7:00 pm Eastern
Guest recitalist, Camp Hill Presbyterian Church, Camp Hill, Penn.

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One man's junk?

Just today, while searching for some shameless schlock for organ solo, I came across the following text stuck inside an old book given me by one of my teachers. I feel I must share it with all organ music lovers. This moving text is intended to be sung to the introduction and then the cantus of the Bach Schübler chorale on “Wachet auf:”

We all can play the organ (organ) ever so clean and brightly.
We play the six sonatas (’natas) ever so clean and lightly.
We do not employ the swell expression shades;
To manipulate them is, of course, forbidden.
We use the foundations with flutes and mutations,
And this we heed (we heed), to play the cantus firmus on a reed (a reed),
While all the other voices smoothly flow along their way,
And that’s the way we play.

J. S. Bach we do adore thee.
We hope our playing doth not bore thee.
We magnify thy honored name.
We play all the trills and mordents
Accordingly and in accordance,
Beginning on the upper note.
We practice ev’ry day,
In the approv-ed way,
Very slowwwwwly.
Don’t use the box –
like Virgil Fox.
We take these things so seriously.

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